Earls River Enhancement

We have successfully enhanced the Earls river section to improve habitat for the fish and invertebrates.

Thanks goes to the Club, Malcolm Finney (for his help) and DCAL (for the stones and workers) for making this all happen.

NIEA Grant Awarded

A small NIEA grant has been awarded to Enniskillen Angling Club to subsidise work on the Earls River Restoration Project.

Dr Eileen Mallon is overseeing the work and we are working with Greg Hood (DCAL) and Paul Kearney (EMEC).

We are currently trying to start work on the project and will report as things happen but weather is hampering things.

Dolmant Buoy Survey

On the 23rd November a New buoy is being put out of Maho in the deepest part of the Lough

see project details:  Dolmant Buoy Survey


Welcome to our new site.

Hopefully we will add some articles of use to our members and others about whats happened, happening and coming!


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